Dr. Noyes Presents at the 2020 Orthopaedic Summit for Evolving Technologies

Noyes Knee Institute Signature

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Dec 22, 2020



Dr Noyes was recently invited to speak at the 2020 Orthopaedic Summit for Evolving Technologies, one of the largest national and international virtual meetings with more than 1200 surgeons in the US and Europe in attendance along with selected speakers from major Universities and Centers around the world. Dr Noyes spoke on state-of-art treatment in saving and repairing the knee meniscus or cartilage as a pioneer in teaching surgeons these techniques. The Noyes Knee Institute has some of the largest patient studies and follow-up that has been published on the success of these procedures. Dr Noyes also participated in panel discussions on ACL injuries and their surgical treatment and rehabilitation. Dr Noyes stated that it was an honor to be selected as a speaker and to showcase the work of the entire dedicated research team. Dr Noyes performs these surgical procedures at Jewish Hospital – MercyHealth.