8 Ways the Wrong Shoes Can Affect Your Knees

By rbenhase / September 15, 2016 /

Shoes may complete your outfit, but the wrong shoes can seriously damage your knees over time. In this blog, we list eight common ways poor shoe choices can impact your knees and which shoes cause specific knee problems. 1. Collapsed Arches When your feet don’t have enough support, your arches can collapse. Arch problems cause…

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10 Signs You Should See a Doctor About Your Knee Pain

By rbenhase / August 25, 2016 /

You may deal with little aches and pains fairly often, especially if you live an active life or work on your feet. You probably postpone seeing a doctor about this discomfort, deciding that if you wait for a little while the sensation will subside. Sometimes, this theory holds true, but what about the cases where…

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3 Unexpected Ways to Prevent Knee Pain

By rbenhase / August 19, 2016 /

When you feel knee pain, your doctor or coach may recommend that you wear a knee brace or that you stretch before you exercise. These strategies are effective in preventing knee injuries while you play sports. But what if athletic activity isn’t the only factor causing your knee pain? There are several simple things you…

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5 Nutrients That Nourish Your Knees

By rbenhase / July 26, 2016 /

If you’re an athlete or if osteoporosis runs in your family, you want to do all you can to prevent knee injury. In a previous article, we talked about a new training program that helps athletes prevent knee injury. The training involves plyometric training, strength training, agility drills, and flexibility exercises. But exercise and training aren’t the only ways to strengthen…

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Say Goodbye to Runner's Knee With These 3 Tips

By rbenhase / July 26, 2016 /

If you worry about your knee health, many people may tell you to avoid running at all costs. Running exerts three times as much force on the knees and joints as walking, and the extra impact purportedly weakens cartilage and worsens joint pain. However, researchers have discovered the opposite is often true. Studies indicate that running does…

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ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete Textbook: Over 27,700 Chapters Downloaded and Counting

By rbenhase / July 22, 2016 /

Dr. Noyes has many research interests and one of the most prominent is the prevention of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in female athletes. ACL injuries can cause long-term problems in the knee joint, including the early onset of osteoarthritis. It has been evident for some time that a gender disparity exists in noncontact ACL…

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3 Surprising Exercises That Damage Your Knees

By rbenhase / June 29, 2016 /

Whether you recently had knee replacement surgery or you’ve long had chronic knee pain, exercise is one of the best ways to protect your joints and encourage healing. The right exercises improve your range of motion, flexibility, and strength, allowing you to move with ease. However, some exercises are better for your knees than others. If you…

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Noyes' Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes, 2nd Edition

By rbenhase / March 4, 2016 /

Frank R. Noyes, MD – internationally-renowned knee surgeon and orthopaedic sports medicine specialist – presents this unparalleled resource on the diagnosis, management, and outcomes analysis for the full range of complex knee disorders.  NEW TO THIS EDITION Presents step-by-step descriptions on soft tissue knee repair and reconstruction for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, meniscus repair, soft tissue transplants, osseous…

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Unique Robotic Studies Advance Knowledge of ACL Reconstruction

By rbenhase / April 8, 2015 /

Dr. Noyes and scientists at the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Center and the University of Cincinnati recently published a series of three scientific journal articles featuring a robotic knee testing system. Using cadaver knee specimens, the robot was used to perform precise measurements of different motions and rotations that occurred within the knee under normal…

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Long-term Meniscus Transplantation Results to be Published in 2015

By rbenhase / April 4, 2015 /

Dr. Noyes and clinical researchers at the Noyes Knee Institute just received acceptance of a long-term clinical research study on meniscus transplantation. Dr. Noyes was one of the first orthopaedic surgeons in the United States to offer this operation in 1988. The paper will be published in one of the most prestigious medical journals, The…

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