Knee Replacement Surgery in Cincinnati, OH

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Your knees take incredible strain and stress. The weight of much of your body rests on them, and your activity can be severely impaired if you have knee pain or an injury. A knee replacement surgery can strengthen your knee and reduce discomfort.

If you experience knee pain when you walk or stand, come to the Noyes Knee Institute to find a solution. Dr. Frank R. Noyes, MD, can examine your knees, prescribe treatment, and perform knee surgery if necessary. We are the premier choice for knee treatment in Cincinnati, OH.

Do I Need Knee Surgery?

You might not be sure if your knee pain calls for surgery, which is why you should let a doctor examine it. Everyone experiences knee pain – from children to adults to geriatrics – but serious pain can indicate a larger problem.

Athletes often experience pain during activity, as well as delayed pain during periods of rest caused by strenuous activity. Those with arthritis can also experience this pain, as well as the following signs:

  • Signs of swelling
  • Difficulty moving
  • Pain during sleep

If you experience any of these signs, whether you are a healthy athlete or a senior citizen with arthritis, come to the Noyes Knee Institute and let us examine your knees.

What Does Knee Surgery Entail?

Types of knee surgery vary depending on the severity of your needs. When you come to the Noyes Knee Institute, we will perform an examination and ask you questions about your lifestyle, activity levels, and daily pain. When treatments fail, surgery is the next option.

Total knee replacement involves a recovery time of one to three months, which can affect your life. The final result, however, will be freedom from severe knee pain and increased mobility. Surgery is a last resort, but when it’s time for knee replacement surgery, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Do you have knee pain? Call the Noyes Knee Institute at 1.513.794.8471 or schedule an appointment online.