What Athletes Need to Know for Their Health and Athletic Performance

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Feb 29, 2024



Achieving peak athletic performance extends beyond training and exercising. Female athletes should prioritize other aspects of their health, including nutrition and resting, to excel in their sports. Promptly addressing sports injuries may also improve health and performance. If you suffer from a knee injury, Dr. Noyes at the Noyes Knee Institute is one of the best knee replacement surgeons who can assist with diagnosing and treating complex knee problems.

Factors that Affect Health and Athletic Performance

Taking care of your body inside and outside of training can help improve your health and athletic performance. There are a few factors that can affect your performance, including:


Food is your body’s fuel during athletic activities. It also affects your brain health and helps you recover from injury faster. Athletes should focus on maintaining a well-balanced diet that includes all of the main macronutrients. Aim to get 50-55% of your calories from carbohydrates, 10-15% from protein, and 25-30% from healthy fats. Micronutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc, B vitamins, and vitamin D also contribute to a well-rounded diet. Tailoring your nutrition to your individual needs and considering factors such as the duration, intensity, and type of exercise can support sustained energy levels and recovery.

Rest and Recovery

Getting enough rest reduces your risk of sports-related injury. One of the most common types of injuries female athletes face is overuse injuries. These injuries are caused by regularly repeating the same movement or overtraining. Getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night can help your body repair damage. You can also reduce muscle soreness by rolling out muscles and stretching after exercise or using compression garments. Your nutrition, especially carbohydrates and proteins, also plays an active role in rest and recovery. Your body uses carbohydrate stores during exercise, and protein helps rebuild your muscles after training. By replenishing these nutrients, you can help your body recover after exercising.

Addressing Injuries

Ignoring pain or injuries may lead to further complications and increased recovery times. Address injuries as soon as you notice them with medical intervention, rehabilitation, and rest. This can expedite the healing process and allow you to regain optimal function. It also minimizes your risk of injury occurrence when training in the future. The Noyes Knee Institute can help you recover from knee injuries. We regularly perform treatments such as ACL or PCL reconstruction, knee replacement, and multiple ligament reconstruction. If you notice pain in your knees, Dr. Noyes can diagnose and treat the problem. Addressing injuries promptly protects your physical well-being and improves athletic performance.

Sportsmetrics Female Athlete Program

To maintain peak health and athletic performance, female athletes should prioritize their nutrition, rest, and recovery and address injuries when they happen. The Sportsmetrics program can help with this.  Sportsmetrics has been helping female athletes prevent knee injuries for over 20 years now.  At our female athlete center, we can help you identify areas that may need improvement such as nutrition, mental health, hormonal health, strength, stability and overall fitness.  To learn more, visit www.sportsmetrics.org.

Visit One of the Best Knee Replacement Surgeons

If you have already suffered a knee injury, Dr. Noyes can help.  Dr. Noyes at the Noyes Knee Institute is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and knee surgery. He is internationally recognized as an authority in diagnosing and treating complex knee problems. Make an appointment today to learn about our treatment options.