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Visit Our Location for Knee Surgery in the Midwest

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Including but not limited to Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky

The health of your knees can have a big impact on your mobility. And whether your bad knees are caused by age, injuries, or a medical condition, you may struggle to find a suitable doctor. At The Noyes Knee Institute, we provide high-quality knee surgery to patients located throughout the Midwest.

Our Service

At The Noyes Knee Institute, we provide top care because we work carefully and patiently to make sure our patients receive the most effective treatment possible. This is one reason why we cater to patients from all over, such as Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio. Our focus is to provide a facility that makes a road trip a small price to pay for high-end results.

Noyes Institute is recognized as one of the top 25 Knee Centers in North America and Dr. Noyes is one of the top 70 knee surgeons in the United States. Our surgeons are skilled and experienced with all types of treatment options, including surgery, restoration, and rehabilitation. No matter what path your treatment takes, you’ll be in the best hands.

Our Location

Our facility’s location in the heart of Montgomery, OH, offers a number of nearby accommodations, so you and your loved ones can easily find a place to stay during the course of your treatment that will fulfill any needs you have.

If you need knee surgery, schedule an appointment with us at (513) 794-8471, or visit our location to learn how we can improve your quality of life.