5 Yoga Poses to Help Your Knees

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Sep 27, 2017


Patient Education

If you have frequent knee issues, it may be helpful for you to consider different ways of stretching and working out. Yoga is one way that people seek exercise and changes in their body, and even knee issues may not be affected by certain poses. In fact, some yoga poses may actually be helpful.

1. Supported Chair Pose

The supported chair pose, also known as utkatasana, is great for strengthening the knees. It allows the surrounding muscles, including the hamstrings and quadriceps, to become stronger with more time spent in the pose.

Use a wall to support yourself, especially if you have knee issues. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and then slide until your tailbone touches the wall. Reach your arms up, if possible. Hold the pose for a few seconds, breathing in and out slowly.

There are additional benefits to this pose too. It allows for more blood flow to the lower part of the body. It also increases fluidity and flexibility as a bonus. You may be able to move toward an unsupported chair pose with more time.

2. Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is great for your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. When performed as an exercise, many people notice a change in the shape of the buttocks, providing an aesthetic change as well.

You can do the bridge pose by lying on your back, knees bent and hip-width apart. Use the muscles in your glutes and quads to lift your bottom off the ground. Hold the pose, hands still on the ground. If you struggle, you can use a yoga block for some support.

3. Supported Warrior

The Supported Warrior pose is known for relieving chronic knee pain. It is also often used as a way to ease the pain of certain bone disorders.

You can perform the supported warrior by standing in front of a wall, hands at shoulder level against it. Put your left foot in front so that the toes are touching the wall, knee bent. With your right foot, step backwards as far as is comfortable and flex the knee. Stretch the arms overhead. Repeat with the legs switched.

4. Gate Pose

Gate pose is great for your leg muscles, providing an excellent stretch and also helping to build strength gradually over time.

Begin by kneeling on the floor. Stretch out the right leg, foot to the floor. If your foot does not press to the floor, use some support via a yoga block or rolled yoga mat. Bring your arms out to the sides, palms facing downward. You can then stretch the torso to reach out for the right foot if you feel comfortable. If not, you can stay in the pose with your arms stretched out. Repeat with the left leg out.

5. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

Want to get a good stretch for your knee? The wide-angle seated forward bend is one way to achieve this. It stretches the entirety of the back, hips, groin and thighs. Reach for the floor in front of you, bending forward. You should feel a stretch, and you can elongate into it.

You can get into this pose by first sitting in a straddle on the floor. Get your legs to open as wide as you comfortably can. Flex your feet, feeling the muscles in your leg.

You should always consult your doctor before you engage in a new type of workout plan. Your doctor may advise you as to what kind of routine will work best for your knee issues. Noyes Knee Institute may be able to help you with many of your knee issues.