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Feb 12, 2013



Five Cincinnati SportsMedicine physicians were named for innovation, quality, and improving the cost of orthopaedic healthcare nationwide leading into 2013.

List of Physicians Recognized by Best Doctors in America for 2013:

Frank R. Noyes, MD 1992-present
-specializes in the treatment of knees, from simple to complex.
-office hours in Montgomery

Marc T. Galloway, MD 1996-present
-specializes in the treatment of knee and shoulder problems.
-office hours in both Mason and Crestview Hills, KY.

Thomas N. Lindenfeld, MD 1997-present
-specializes in the treatment of shoulders, knees, and hips.
-office hours in both Tri-County and Montgomery

Michelle Andrews, MD 2009-present
-specializes in the treatment of knee and shoulder problems
-office hours in both Tri-County & Montgomery

Samer S. Hasan, MD, PhD 2011-present
-specializes in the treatment of shoulder and elbow problems.
-office hours in both Crestview Hills, KY and Montgomery

“This honor recognizes what Cincinnati SportsMedicine physicians do instinctively,” says Dr. Noyes, CEO and Medical Director of the center.  “Our mission here has always been to provide innovative, quality care.   When we receive an honor such as “Best Doctors in America®”, it is a reflection of all of us here at Cincinnati SportsMedicine.”

To be included in this prestigious group, rigorous research and medical background checks are performed and all licenses, board certification and malpractice incidents are monitored.  Best Doctors in America® is striving to highlight physicians in their specialty so consumers can locate quality and cost effective healthcare.  Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Best Doctors was founded in 1989 by physicians affiliated with the Harvard Medical School to provide expert medical consultation services.