Best Exercises Following a Knee Replacement

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Dec 2, 2021


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Involving the best knee replacement surgeons is your ticket back to regular activity. After surgery, you need exercise to speed the recovery process and regain normal movements. Skipping physical therapy and low impact exercising could send you back to surgery

3 Post Surgery Exercises from the Best Knee Replacement Surgeons

Physical workouts will help in knee muscle strengthening for long-term mobility. You should recover fully after 12 weeks, but each case is different. Your orthopedic surgeon will determine the best exercises based on your situation.

Below are three popular exercises recommended after knee replacement surgery.

1.    Aerobic Exercises

Orthopedic surgeons will recommend different aerobic exercises following a successful surgery. A popular workout is walking for at least 30 minutes two to three times a day. Other aerobic exercises include:

•    Using an elliptical machine to train your new knee to your bodyweight

•    Swimming and cycling 3-6 weeks after the surgery

•    Light ballroom dancing

These prescriptions are excellent ways to engage and fortify the knee muscles and aid recovery. Such routines also stabilize the knee area surrounding an implant, burn excess calories, and benefit your heart.

Aerobic workouts are ideal for post-knee replacement recovery because they characterize low-impact motions. Your instructor will determine when you should start exercising and for how long. Most knee replacement patients require at least 2 hours of daily workout.

2.    Flexibility Exercises

To wholly recover after knee surgery, you should pursue strength and flexibility workouts. Your knee joint needs strength to carry most of your body weight and flexibility for optimal mobility.

Some of these exercises include:

•    Yoga. It is one of the exercises knee surgeons recommend. It involves gentle stretching to get rid of stiffness.

•    Weightlifting. Your trainer will instruct on the ideal posture and weight to lift to avoid putting much pressure on your waist and below.

•    Calisthenics. It involves using your body weight to complete reps.

Building strength through resistance training will eliminate knee pain and grow stronger bones. The orthopedic surgeon will advise you on the best exercises during each recovery phase. Follow all recommendations and avoid twisting or other abrupt movements that compromise your healing.

3.    Recreational Exercises

Recreational exercises are easy to accomplish and are beneficial to muscles and bones after knee replacement surgery. Patients should also engage in recreational activities, such as:

•    Golfing. This workout will exercise your upper and lower body without heavy impact.

•    Doubles tennis. It is another feasible workout and features less movement and intensity than singles tennis.

•    Bowling and rowing

These exercises work various muscles in your body without nasty impacts. Remember to contact a knee surgeon as soon as you feel pain performing recreational workouts.

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Knee replacement surgeries are delicate and call for experienced orthopedic surgeons. Engaging the best knee replacement surgeon will help you get professional insights and recommendations for a swift recovery.

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