Cincinnati Orthopedic Knee Surgeon Recognized as Most-Cited in the World

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Dec 11, 2014



Dr Frank R Noyes received the honor of being recognized (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery) as the Orthopedic Surgeon who received the most citations of his clinical outcome and research publications in the world literature on Knee research. The study analyzed 94 orthopedic and rheumatology journals selecting the 100 most referenced publications in the past 70 years throughout the world. This list of 100 most cited publications in Knee Research represents “a list of intellectual milestones in orthopedic knee research”.

“Since the first attempts to surgically treat knee osteoarthritis more than a century and a half ago, the field of knee surgery has expanded greatly, particularly with milestones in the treatment of degenerative disease and the introduction of arthroscopic and joint-preserving surgery”. Bibliometric science is statistical and quantitative analysis with the aim of analyzing the scholarly impact and characteristics of publications within a research field.” (Ahmad et al. JBJS 2014)

Out of the many hundreds of thousands or knee clinical and research publications in the past 70 years, the chance that an author would be listed in the top 100 list is exceedingly rare. Dr Noyes achieved the highest amount of cited articles in the field of Sports Traumatology with six publications included in the top 100 world publications. Dr Noyes credits his team of highly trained professionals who are a close knit group and work diligently and perform highly creative clinical research allowing this highest recognition and honor. Dr Noyes also received recognition in 2012 as the top cited orthopedist in a study entitled ” The 25 Most Cited Articles in Arthroscopic Orthopaedic Surgery” (Gheiti et al Arthroscopy 2012).

For the past 35 years Dr Frank Noyes, Chairman and Medical Director of Cincinnati Sportsmedicine has been passionate about treating patients and athletes with knee problems and has published over 230 studies in the world’s top orthopedic journals. He authored an internationally recognized textbook entitled “Noyes Knee Disorders ” which is read throughout the world. His published clinical studies treating knee ligament injuries has achieved some of the highest clinical success rates reported and patients seek out his expertise from England, Europe, Middle East and South America. He is the only Orthopedic Surgeon in the Tri-State honored in the Sportsmedicine Hall of Fame, and has received Best Doctors in America recognition for over 20 years.

Dr Noyes is the only orthopedist trained in Robotic Partial Knee Replacement performing the first Robotic partial knee replacement in 2008 at Jewish Hospital. Dr Noyes believes in knee preservation procedures which allow patients to continue to be active putting off knee replacement. This includes major studies in meniscus transplants, cartilage restoration, ligament reconstruction for knee stability and partial knee replacements.

The Cincinnati SportsMedicine and Orthopaedic Center formed an integration agreement in 2014 with Mercy Health which Dr Noyes credits as a major underpinning and advancement to continue all of the programs in clinical research, fellowship teaching, and robotic research bringing the leading published orthopedic group of physicians in this area under the MercyHealth umbrella. Dr Noyes formed the Noyes Knee Institute, a non-profit foundation which represents a team of highly trained physicians, therapists, trainers and allied health professionals totally dedicated to advancing the treatment of knee problems with options for injury and arthritis and injury prevention that form the basis of being recognized as one of the top knee centers in North America.

Dr Noyes also developed the Sportsmetrics Knee Injury Neuromuscular and Performance training program which is a non-profit program specifically designed to reduce the high rate of knee injuries including ACL tears in female athletes. This is the leading program in the world with more than 1000 sites world-wide that have been certified by this team. ACL Sportsmetrics programs are used locally throughout Cincinnati high schools and Dr Noyes is the team physician for a number of local schools working to incorporate this program including Ursuline Academy, Saint Ursurla and Milford High School System and is grateful to Athletic Directors and Coaches that actively promote training and injury prevention in their schools.