Dr. Noyes Keynote Speaker at 2018 AANA Meeting

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Jun 19, 2018



Dr. Noyes provided the keynote address at the American Arthroscopy Association of North America annual meeting in April 2018.  The invitation was extended by the president Dr. Robert Hunter.  AANA represents the largest group of Orthopaedic Surgeons in North America that specialize in arthroscopic surgery of human joints.  Dr. Noyes provided an address on multiple aspects of knee surgery and specifically focused on preventing the high rate of a repeat ACL injury which can be as high as one in five athletes returning to sports. There was a special focus on Sportsmetrics neuromuscular training program for female athletes to lessen the risk of ACL injury.  Dr. Noyes provided that long term follow-up data of his patients who had undergone ACL surgery quoting one of the highest success rates and lowest complication rates in the literature.