Dr. Noyes Named Most Frequently Cited Surgeon and Author of Published Papers in the World

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Apr 26, 2012



Frank R Noyes MD, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Surgeon received the honor of being named the most frequently cited Surgeon and Author of his published papers in the World. Dr Noyes is Chairman of the Cincinnati Sportsmedicne and Orthopedic Center, which is a world recognized center for treatment of Knee Disorders in the Tri-State area and United States. The highly acclaimed Noyes Knee Institute treats patients throughout the Tri-State region and United States specializing in advanced treatment of Knee Disorders including transplants, partial and full knee replacements and advanced ligament surgery. Many patients travel for treatment particularly where prior knee surgeries have had a complication or have not achieved the desired results. Dr Noyes has pioneered multiple successful operative procedures for the knee joint and published over 240 papers, book chapters and his own textbook entitled Noyes Knee Disorders published by Elsevier.
The recent publication of Gheiti et al in Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, April 2012 had the purpose of determining which published articles in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia had been most frequently cited by other authors. The study was performed by conducting an extensive searching process of 61 orthopedic journals to determine the 25 most cited articles in the specialty of Arthroscopic Orthopaedic Surgery. The distinction of being the most frequently cited Surgeon by other authors was used as a criteria of the importance of the published work of the surgeon.
Of the 25 most cited articles in the World a highly select group of 20 Surgeons had one published article achieving this distinction, one author had two published articles that were cited. Dr Noyes achieved the distinction of not only having one article cited but in fact three publications cited as the leading orthopedic surgeon cited for his published studies. The Center Dr Noyes founded was recognized as the leading Center in the world for achieving this distinction and honor over all other Universities and Clinics in North America and the World. Dr Noyes has received the prior honor of being awarded the distinction of the only surgeon in the Tri-State area inducted into the Sportsmedicine Hall of Fame of the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine. Dr Noyes has lectured at Universities throughout the United States, Europe , Asia and Arabic Countries. Dr Noyes founded and is Director of the Sportsmedicine and Arthroscopic Surgical Fellowship and has trained over 130 Surgeons in the specialized treatment of Knee Disorders with these Surgeons now practicing throughout the United States and Canada.
Dr Noyes credits the clinical and research team he established in Cincinnati as some of the leading researchers in the world which continues to this day to provide the most cutting edge clinical treatments and research on advancing the treatment of knee injuries and disorders. He performs his specialized knee surgical procedures at the Jewish Mercy Health Hospital in Kenwood which has an advanced and highly trained team of surgical nurses and technicians. Dr Noyes performed one of the first Robotic Knee Surgeries in this area and Jewish Mercy Health is the only hospital in the entire Tri-State area to have the Robotic Knee Surgical suite for this highly advanced surgery.
Dr Noyes founded an ACL prevention, conditioning and performance program called Sportsmetrics which has been insititued in many Cincinnati and Kentucky athletic programs and is the leading ACL prevention program for female athletes in the United States and World. This non-profit prorgram has saved hundreds and hundreds of young female athletes from having a serious ACL knee injury and requring surgery and is viewed as a give-back by the Foundation
Dr Noyes provides care for patients at the Noyes Knee Institute which is located at the Cincinnati Sportsmedicne and Orthopedic Center in Montgomery Ohio. The Center has a total of five locations throughout CINCINNATI and Kentucky. This Center is recognized as a whole of consisting of highly recognized leading fellowship trained Orthopedic and Sportsmedicine Surgeons who have achieved multiple honors including being named as the Top Orthopedic Surgeons in Cincinnati and the USA.