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Dr. Noyes Robotic Research Highlighted at Endowed Eminent Visiting Scholar Lecture

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Nov 2, 2018



Biomedical Engineer and Noyes Knee Institute Biomechanical Researcher Lauren Huser presented the 2018 Advancements in Robotics Research at the 2ndannual Frank R. Noyes, MD and JoAnne Noyes, BS, RN Endowed Eminent Visiting Scholar in Sports Medicine and Bioengineering Lecture on August 18that the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.  Updates on continuing research projects and discussion of new projects were presented to residents, fellows, and staff of the University of Cincinnati Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. The continued relationship between The Noyes Knee Institute, The University of Cincinnati Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, and The University of Cincinnati Department of Biomedical Engineering is important to promote collaborative research and advancements in patient care.

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