Dr. Noyes Travels to India and Dubai in 2019

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Nov 5, 2018



Frank R Noyes MD has been invited to give the KEYNOTE ADDRESS at the international  2019 PUNE KNEE COURSE in India which is attended by more than 1000 orthopedic  surgeons from India, Asia and the Middle East.  Dr Noyes will present lectures on the treatment of knee disorders and specialized surgical procedures that he and his team at the Noyes Knee Institute and MercyHealth Jewish Hospital have developed.  Patients travel throughout the United States and World for treatment of knee ligament instability, ACL and PCL injuries, Osteotomy limb realignment, Robotic partial knee replacements and knee cartilage restoration and transplantation.   The numerous procedures are detailed in the Second Edition of a major Textbook called KNEE DISORDERS written by Dr Noyes and used at Universities and Clinics everywhere.

Dr Noyes will also travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE to provide lectures and instructions in state-of-the-art advances in Knee Disorders.  In addition, there will be specific instructions on using and implementing Sportsmetrics which is the largest program in the world in neuromuscular training for athletes, particularly female athletes to decrease ACL and other serious knee injuries.  This program is a keystone to modern therapy after knee surgery  to safely return an athlete to sports and lessen the serious risk of repeat injury.  More than 2000 health professionals have been trained in the USA in the non-profit  Sportsmetrics program developed by Dr Noyes and the program is used  internationally in many countries outside the USA.

Dr Noyes, who is a member of the Hall of Fame for the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine, stated that he was most pleased and humbled to accept these invitations to spread the research and clinical treatment programs that have been developed here in Cincinnati.  Dr Noyes gave credit to MercyHealth and their Foundation for having the goals to fund and support the clinical and research programs that have received national and international recognition.  These programs are available here in Cincinnati at Jewish Hospital for patients that have acute or chronic knee disorders requiring advanced treatment approaches and every week numerous patients are treated at the knee center.