Total Knee Replacement Videos

By Stephanie Smith / January 28, 2021 /

Listen to Dr.  Noyes discuss non-operative solutions to total knee pain. Listen to Dr. Noyes discuss operative treatment for total knee pain. Listen to Dr. Noyes and Tim Heckmann discuss what to do before and after knee surgery. Listen to Dr. Noyes discuss sensible weight loss for total knee replacement. Listen as Eben De Matteo,…

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Dr. Noyes Presents at the 2020 Orthopaedic Summit for Evolving Technologies

By Stephanie Smith / December 22, 2020 /

Dr Noyes was recently invited to speak at the 2020 Orthopaedic Summit for Evolving Technologies, one of the largest national and international virtual meetings with more than 1200 surgeons in the US and Europe in attendance along with selected speakers from major Universities and Centers around the world. Dr Noyes spoke on state-of-art treatment in…

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Jumpers Knee

Play Tennis? What You Need to Know About Jumper’s Knee

By Noyes Knee Team / May 28, 2020 /

If you love to play tennis, then you should learn all about patellar tendinitis, or jumper’s knee, which is the most common knee injury tennis players experience. This injury is also common in players of other sports that involve jumping on a hard surface on a frequent basis, such as basketball. This condition is easy…

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Noyes Systematic Review Shows 18% Reinjury Rate

By Stephanie Smith / May 7, 2020 /

Read Article Authors: Sue Barber-Westin, BS and Frank R. Noyes, MD Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction (ACLR) is frequently performed in patients younger than 20 years whose goal is to return to sport (RTS). Varying reinjury rates have been reported, and the factors responsible are unclear. Studies differ with regard to age, graft type, surgical…

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Partial and Total Knee Replacement: How Are They Different?

By Noyes Knee Team / April 13, 2020 /

Strong, healthy knees are important for your mobility. Unfortunately, the knee joint is easily injured and is susceptible to damage from arthritis. Any damage or injury to the knee is painful and may limit your daily activities. Depending on which part of your knee is damaged, you may have the option of either a total…

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Recovering From Total Knee Replacement Surgery? Avoid These Three Mistakes

By Noyes Knee Team / April 6, 2020 /

Approximately 966,000 Americans underwent knee replacement surgery in 2017. No matter what the reason for the knee replacement surgery, the proper aftercare will ensure you are able to get back to work and start enjoying your life again. In addition to following your surgeon’s orders, it is important to avoid these common knee replacement post-surgical…

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Now Available! Return to Sport After ACL Reconstruction Textbook

By Stephanie Smith / October 30, 2019 /

Now Available: Return to Sport After ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance textbook. Dr. Noyes and Sue Barber-Westin, along with over 15 guest contributors, are preparing a new textbook, Return to Sport After ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing…

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Knee Deep in Pain? 5 Mistakes to Avoid

By Noyes Knee Team / October 21, 2019 /

If you have experienced pain in your knees and you have wondered how to ease your discomfort, think about your lifestyle and habits to make a few changes. Some aspects of your daily routine or even your weight may contribute to your knee problems. Fortunately, many of the contributing factors can be corrected. Here are…

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Patellar Dislocation in Children: What Parents Need to Know

By Noyes Knee Team / October 21, 2019 /

The first time your child experiences a patellar dislocation, also called a kneecap dislocation, it can be a scary experience for you and your child. Your child may have pain and the leg may buckle, resulting in a fall. Understanding what causes a patellar dislocation, knowing its symptoms, and being aware of the treatments available…

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2 Reasons Parenting Puts You at Risk for Knee Problems

By Noyes Knee Team / September 24, 2019 /

You love your little ones endlessly, but parenting is no walk in the park. In addition to putting a tremendous strain on your time and resources, studies have shown that parenting can take a toll on physical health because parents shift their attention elsewhere. Unfortunately, tiny tots at home could also be harmful to your…

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