How Knee Surgery Can Reduce Chronic Pain

By Noyes SEO Team / December 7, 2021 /

Knee pain can heal through rest, physical therapy, and low-stress exercise. However, chronic pain may require advanced treatment such as ingestion of anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery. An orthopedic knee surgeon will assess your condition and recommend surgery if necessary. Can an Orthopedic Knee Surgeon Treat Chronic Pain Through Surgery? Chronic pain in the knee may…

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Best Exercises Following a Knee Replacement

By Noyes SEO Team / December 2, 2021 /

Involving the best knee replacement surgeons is your ticket back to regular activity. After surgery, you need exercise to speed the recovery process and regain normal movements. Skipping physical therapy and low impact exercising could send you back to surgery 3 Post Surgery Exercises from the Best Knee Replacement Surgeons Physical workouts will help in…

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A Day In The Life Of Your Knee

By Noyes SEO Team / November 5, 2021 /

Most people never think about their knee until they experience some discomfort, such as pain, or are part of an injury that calls for surgery. However, according to an orthopedic knee surgeon, understanding the daily life of your knee can help protect it from harm. If you suffer from knee pain or conditions like gout…

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Caring for Knee Pain

By Noyes SEO Team / November 1, 2021 /

Are you suffering from knee pain? If you are, it is vital to seek prompt medical diagnosis and treatment. Some cases will resolve using medications and physical therapy, while others require a knee surgeon to perform specific operations. Knee pain can be localized in one region or spread through a larger area. Causes of knee…

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Osteoarthritis and Runner’s Knee Can Both “Bring You to Your Knees”

By Noyes SEO Team / October 28, 2021 /

Pain in the knee area is a common issue among athletes. However, anyone can experience knee pain. It is vital to get proper treatment to get rid of the pain. More importantly, you should seek to understand the issue before considering treatment or scheduling a knee surgeon. Will I Need a Knee Surgeon for Runner’s…

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What Kind Of Injuries Can Cause Knee Pain?

By Noyes SEO Team / October 21, 2021 /

Are you someone that has been dealing with knee pain that affects you daily? Conditions like these can affect people at any time and age. Thankfully, you can benefit from the expertise of an orthopedic knee surgeon, no matter what your situation is. At Noyes Knee Institute, we know how crucial it is to provide…

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Dr. Noyes Among Top 50 Most Cited Knee Arthroscopy Studies

By Stephanie Smith / October 18, 2021 /

In a systematic review in the August issue of Arthroscopy, the authors looked to identify the 50 most influential studies in knee arthroscopy.  Dr. Noyes and his team made the list twice, ranking at 27 and 33 with 184 and 175 citations respectively: Rubman MH, Noyes FR, Barber-Westin SD. Arthroscopic repair of meniscal tears that…

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Post Knee Surgery Exercises

Options for Treating Arthritis in the Knee

By Noyes SEO Team / September 6, 2021 /

Knee osteoarthritis can occur when the cartilage around the knee wears down. Without the protection of cartilage, bones in the joint grind together, causing inflammation and pain. In severe cases, a knee surgeon might recommend knee replacement or arthroscopic surgery. Fortunately, many non-invasive options help relieve the pain of arthritis in the knee. Osteoarthritis and…

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What is Robotic Knee Surgery?

By Noyes SEO Team / September 6, 2021 /

Robotic knee surgery may sound like a medical procedure from the distant future, but robot-assisted surgeries have already been practiced for several years. Don’t worry, your knee surgeon is not a robot. Skilled orthopedic surgeons still perform Robot-assisted procedures. A robotic arm is used to help the doctor by providing greater precision. Advancements in Orthopedic…

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Best Knee Replacement Surgeons | Regaining Mobility After Knee Replacement

By Noyes SEO Team / August 2, 2021 /

Are you about to get knee replacement surgery but don’t know what to expect from the recovery process? A specialized therapy plan is crucial to your knee surgery’s overall success. That’s why you’ll need to seek the best knee replacement surgeons who’ll support you at every step. At Noyes Knee Institute, we know how crucial…

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