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Jul 15, 2021


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A key reason why people visit an orthopedic knee surgeon is because of knee pain. It could be that your knee keeps you from dressing up each morning. Other times, the pain is so bad that you can’t walk around the store. Regardless, you must ask yourself the right questions to help determine your best path towards recovery.

At Noyes Knee Institute, we know how vital it is to ensure you the best ortho care. During your exam, our team will ask you questions about your pain as well as other symptoms.

Below are some questions your surgeon might ask to help decide the best treatment option for you.

How Would You Rate Your Pain?

One common question you get from any doctor is how bad your pain is. They ask this to assess the best course of action to help alleviate your pain. If your pain is high on the 1 to 10 scale, that can be of concern for your doctor. For pain that’s low to moderate, your doctor may recommend treatments to see how your pain fluctuates.

Can You Describe Your Pain?

It’s best to be as detailed as possible when describing your pain to your orthopedic knee surgeon. They must know exactly where it hurts so that they can give you a proper diagnosis. These are two common areas of the knee where pain occurs.

  • Sides of the knee
  • Below the kneecap

You should also let the doctor know whether you experience pain or if it worsens after certain activities.

Can You Place Weight On Your Knee?

If your knee pain is severe, it’s expected that you aren’t placing weight on the joint when possible. The doctor asks this question to see if your knee gives out when you exert pressure on it. If this is the case, this could indicate a meniscus or ligament problem.

Do You Hear Popping Sounds?

Another question the doctor may ask is if you hear any popping sounds when you flex the joint. If this occurs, it could indicate damage to the cartilage plates in the joint, such as the menisci.

Have You Seen Any Knee Swelling?

You should also inform your doctor if you’ve noticed any swelling in your knee. This is particularly important if the swelling happened the day after you took part in exercise or other physical activity. Take note of any difficulty you have bending the joint due to swelling. These scenarios could all point to arthritis.

Have You Tried Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles and ligaments around your pain point. There are instances where therapy on its own may not be enough. If a muscle ligament or body cartilage is torn and therapy hasn’t helped you so far, you’ll likely need further ortho treatment.

Have You Considered Surgery?

As a last resort, your doctor may suggest surgery for your ortho issue if all other alternatives don’t work. While surgery requires recovery time and is more invasive than drugs and therapy, it might be your best treatment route. Some surgery types are less invasive and tend to require less recovery time.

Your doctor will explain each treatment option to you as well as the pros and cons of each.

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