Common Questions About Knee Replacement Recovery

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Jan 21, 2022


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Remember you are selecting an entire “KNEE TEAM” of the surgeon, physician assistant and physical therapist that will lead you though surgery and rehabilitation. Meet with the physical therapist before surgery to answer all your questions as this is just as important as the actual surgical procedure to have a successful result.

3 Questions About Knee Replacement Recovery You Should Ask Orthopedic Knee Surgeon

Having knee replacement surgery is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Dealing with the new knee will be challenging, and knowing the right questions to ask a doctor will help you make an informed decision and cross every step with ease.

Ask your doctor the following question concerning recovery.

1. How Long Will I Attend Physical Therapy Season?

Our Noyes Knee Institute program is known nationwide for the excellence of the physical therapy staff. They need to see you before surgery and institute exercise for muscle strength and knee motion. Patients come to outpatient therapy twice a week for 6 weeks to gain motion and strength after surgery. All of the major problems of surgery usually occur early. Therapy should start as soon as possible and not be delayed for even a week. Work out your transportation to therapy before surgery.

If you are admitted to an in-patient rehabilitation facility, the treatment period is usually between a week and ten days. You will start to walk using an assistive device. It is important to be patient through this stage and not skip any steps. It is better to be in the hands of your own knee therapist and knee team and not at a rehabilitation facility that may not understand your special needs.

It is important to learn the exercises to do at home and perform these 3-4 times daily in between your scheduled appointments. The therapy visits last for up to 6 months and for those returning to recreational sports it may be necessary to build added strength and coordination for up to 12 months.

There are very good tests for muscle strength and function your therapy team will perform that will tell you how you are progressing and how long to stay in therapy. Always check how many therapy visits your insurance has allowed and inform the therapy team.

2. What Precautions Should I Follow Post Knee Replacement Surgery?

For the first six weeks after the procedure, you should keep the involved leg in as a straight position as possible. Avoid any activity that results in squatting and kneeling after the knee joint operation.

The physical therapist will advise you on possible techniques while performing your daily routine. The therapist will also issue adaptive equipment and precautions to serve as guidelines to avoid injuries post-surgery. Always use a walker or crutches the first 6 weeks to avoid falling.

You will be instructed on application of ice therapy and other treatments to decrease swelling after surgery that is to be expected. Pain medication will be prescribed and limit opiate use to a minimum, however our Knee Team has many different programs proactively to limit pain and make comfortable.

Drink plenty of water and always use a laxative to maintain proper bowel movements.

3. How Can I Manage at Home After Knee Replacement Surgery?

While staying at home after a knee joint replacement, several things can hinder quick recovery. To achieve an easier recovery, follow the tips below:

  • Ensure you stay away from slippery floors to help avoid falls. Every floor should be kept free from rugs and debris that can also lead to slipping.
  • Where possible, try to limit climbing staircases and sleep on the first floor if necessary for 3 weeks.
  • If possible, speak to your employer about temporary work-from-home opportunities.

Consult your doctor before undertaking previous activities such as exercising, lifting heavy objects, and driving.

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Successful knee replacement is a group effort, and you are an essential team player. To achieve the objective, which is full recovery, please do not be hesitant to reach your doctor if you have any concerns.

Visit the Noyes Knee Institute for a consultation on a partial or total knee replacement. The institute has a team of specialists using advanced techniques to hasten your recovery. Book an appointment with Dr. Noyes and the Nationally Recognized Knee Team, to get better today. For more information, subscribe to receive our newsletters and update.