What Happens If You Put Off A knee Replacement?

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Jan 21, 2022


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Knee replacement surgery can be a daunting proposition for patients. Delaying a knee replacement can only be done for a while. Surgery is the best long-term solution to free you from hurting. Knee surgeries are complex, and you will need the best knee replacement surgeons to help with the procedure.

Best Knee Replacement Surgeons: 3 Reasons You Should Not Put Off Knee Surgery

Knee replacement is one of the most postponed surgeries. According to experts, 90% of patients who need this surgery wait long due to various reasons such as fear or miseducation.

Some patients are nervous about the procedure. Others are intimidated by the recovery process and fear that they may not adequately recover at all. Still others are simply unwilling to undergo the lengthy process. But these hesitations are not justifiable. Timing your knee surgery is essential since postponing the procedure may have negative implications on your health. A recent patient survey by NKI showed 96% of patients were pleased with their outcome after getting a knee replacement by Dr. Noyes. He has instituted all possible patient safeguards that allowed these very high patient results.

Continue reading to understand potential challenges that may arise if you continue to delay your surgery, and why you should not put off your procedure.

1.    You Will Take Longer to Recover

The older you get, the slower the healing process. Waiting longer before knee replacement surgery causes post-recovery challenges like slow progress in physical therapy.

The sooner you undergo knee replacement surgery, the better your chances of a fast and less painful recovery.

An extended recovery period is also associated with a significant financial implication.

2. Added Problems During and After Surgery

As muscles, bones, and tendons in a bad knee continue to deteriorate, the process of knee replacement becomes increasingly more complex. The knee joint may become deformed and angulate stretching out the supporting ligaments that provide for knee stability. The surgery may last longer as there are added procedures that need to be performed to obtain a good functional and stable knee.

3. A Longer Recovery Process After Surgery

Waiting for the condition to worsen before taking the right action may cause permanent damage to your legs. The longer you wait the more the muscles will deteriorate from inactivity and disuse. It will take longer by many months for the muscle weakness to respond after surgery.

If the knee joint loses motion before getting the surgery, the chances are you will not regain your full mobility after the procedure.

When you wait to undergo surgical intervention at an elderly age, you may face added health issues that could delay your recovery and the possibility of losing your mobility.

The Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ohio.

Are you still contemplating when to undertake knee replacement surgery? Talk with your surgeon and work out a plan of action. Do not rush into surgery and make sure you understand all the issues to obtain a good result. Any surgery has complications that should be discussed thoroughly. Patients have surgery when their quality of life deteriorates and they cannot perform activities of daily living without pain and limited function.

The best knee replacement surgeons will assess the problem before recommending the treatment you need for your knees—Make an appointment with Dr. Noyes and the knee team at the Noyes Knee Institute to learn of all the advances in minimally invasive knee surgery.

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