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Blood Flow Restriction Featured on Local 12 News

Dr. Noyes is one of few doctors studying the benefits of blood flow restriction training as a key role in rehab after a knee injury. ¬†Featured on Local 12 News, he explains how blood flow restriction training is helping to get athletes back on the field…

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Why Proper Running Form Is Important for Knee Health

With summer just around the corner, the running season is set to begin. You might embrace the sunny weather by planning a…

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5 Things You Should Do After You’re Diagnosed With Arthritis

An arthritis diagnosis can hit you hard. You may have many questions about what this means for your health. You may be…

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Shoe Selection and Knee Injury Prevention: A Guide for Athletes

Did you know that wearing the wrong shoes can contribute to knee pain and increase your risk of a knee injury over…

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Is Osteochondral Autograft Transfer Right for You?

Are you one of millions of Americans that experience chronic pain? Nearly 20% of those that suffer from pain feel it most…

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Run Like a Girl: Female Guide to Preventing Running Knee Problems

One of the most popular sports among both men and women is running. It’s accessible, doesn’t require much equipment, and is inexpensive….

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ACL Tears in High School Football

High School Football Players and ACL Tears: Avoiding Serious Damage Football is an intense sport that may injure players who don’t take…

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Inactivity Is Hard on Your Knees

Start Moving: Why Inactivity Is Hard on Your Knees Do you spend a lot of time sitting? Maybe you work at an…

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ACL Injuries and Children

ACL Injuries and Children : What Parents Need to Know Most professional athletes know the risk of an ACL tear and how…