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4 Failings of Continual Home Remedy Use for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common phenomenon for active people. Dedicated atheletes, and even those new to any strenuous activity often develop a…


Roofer’s Knee Doesn’t Have to Impact Your Professional Roofing Career

Roofers experience a lot of strain on their knees, which may cause a persistent pain and swelling known as roofer’s knee. However,…

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How Police Officers Can Protect Their Knees

Police work is a physically demanding job that places great strain on the body. Officers carry extra weight with their gear belts…


Local 12’s Liz Bonis Interviews Orthopedic Surgeon Frank Noyes on His Latest Research

Recently, reporter Liz Bonis interviewed Dr. Noyes and his patient Katie Sloneker on a new treatment option to build ACL strength following…


Knee Pain and Pregnancy: A Guide for the Expectant Mother

If you’re expecting a baby, you also deal with changes to your own body. Women often experience aches and pains during pregnancy….


Dr. Noyes to Give Keynote Address in Pune, India

Dr. Frank Noyes will deliver the Keynote Address to over 1,000 Orthopaedic Surgeons at the 9thAnnual Pune Knee Course in Pune India,…


Blood Flow Restriction Featured on Local 12 News

Dr. Noyes is one of few doctors studying the benefits of blood flow restriction training as a key role in rehab after a knee injury.  Featured on Local 12 News, he explains how blood flow restriction training is helping to get athletes back on the field…

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Why Proper Running Form Is Important for Knee Health

With summer just around the corner, the running season is set to begin. You might embrace the sunny weather by planning a…

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5 Things You Should Do After You’re Diagnosed With Arthritis

An arthritis diagnosis can hit you hard. You may have many questions about what this means for your health. You may be…