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Shoe Selection and Knee Injury Prevention: A Guide for Athletes

Did you know that wearing the wrong shoes can contribute to knee pain and increase your risk of a knee injury over…

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Is Osteochondral Autograft Transfer Right for You?

Are you one of millions of Americans that experience chronic pain? Nearly 20% of those that suffer from pain feel it most…

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Run Like a Girl: Female Guide to Preventing Running Knee Problems

One of the most popular sports among both men and women is running. It’s accessible, doesn’t require much equipment, and is inexpensive….

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ACL Tears in High School Football

High School Football Players and ACL Tears: Avoiding Serious Damage Football is an intense sport that may injure players who don’t take…

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Inactivity Is Hard on Your Knees

Start Moving: Why Inactivity Is Hard on Your Knees Do you spend a lot of time sitting? Maybe you work at an…

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ACL Injuries and Children

ACL Injuries and Children : What Parents Need to Know Most professional athletes know the risk of an ACL tear and how…


Blood Flow Restriction Systematic Review

Blood Flow-Restriction Training for Lower Extremity Muscle Weakness due to Knee Pathology: A Systematic Review Sports Health, 2018 Sue Barber-Westin, BS and…

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Prevent Knee Injuries When Skiing

How to Prevent Knee Injuries When Skiing Winter is on its way, and if you love to ski, then you may be…

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Prevent ACL Tears in Soccer

Prevent ACL Tears to Keep Your Soccer Career Strong Soccer players move and exercise a lot during a game, actions that could…