What Is Knee Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a prevalent degenerative condition that affects many joints in the human body. It refers to wear-and-tear arthritis and can affect people of all ages, although it primarily affects seniors. Knee osteoarthritis is defined as wear-and-tear arthritis of the knee. It can develop due to various factors, and treatment may require the services of…

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What Are The Early Signs Of Arthritis In The Knees?

Early signs of arthritis

Arthritis is a disease characterized by pain, swelling, and joint stiffness. Notably, arthritis can affect various joints in your body — although the knees are the most common culprit. Although there is no cure for knee arthritis, it’s essential to see an orthopedic knee surgeon to help slow the progression of this condition. There are…

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What Is A Orthopedic Surgeon

Have you been dealing with bone, muscle, or joint pain that has affected you daily? These conditions can affect people at any time and age. Thankfully, you can benefit from the expertise of an orthopedic knee surgeon, no matter your situation. At Noyes Knee Institute,  we know how crucial it is to bring you the…

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