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Is Osteochondral Autograft Transfer Right for You?

Are you one of millions of Americans that experience chronic pain? Nearly 20% of those that suffer from pain feel it most in their knees, where delicate cartilage can rip and tear from a sudden injury or simply wear away over time. Read on to discover more about the important role cartilage plays and if…

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4 Common Causes of Knee Instability

Does your knee sometimes feel like it’s about to give out? Perhaps you have the sensation that if you put all of your weight on your one leg or bend your knee in a certain way, it will collapse under you. Whether you actually collapse or just feel like you’re about to, this symptom is…

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Cycling and Its Impact on Your Knees

Cycling can be either good for your knees or bad depending on a lot of factors. Even though cycling is low-impact, it uses a lot of repetitive motion and positions that put strain on your knees if you’re not careful. Just like any sport, you can hurt yourself if you don’t take precautions or prepare…

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